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    Guschty 68

    Bonjour, j’ai incité un ami à se procurer une paire de perspective d’ occasion, mais le bornier, comportant une entrée DIN, me semble plus que suspect. Une info à ce sujet, qui me permettrait d’éviter le démontage du panneau de liaison  ? Merci de vos précisions.

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    Difficile de répondre …
    Il me semble que le plus simple serait de remplacer le bornier par un bornier à fiches bananes devenu plus « universel »



    take a look under the heading Retro Leedh and you scroll down to the picture on the terminal with four banana plugs, thats what the original terminals  on the Perspective should look like. These terminals are intended for bi-wiring or single wiring if they are shorted pairwise red/red and black/black




    Hi Again

    maybe this was of no help but if you want to take out the filter section from the box you first have to take out the front bass speaker then proceed like the following: lay down the speaker on its back. Lift up « its head » and lay something under that is about 3-4 cm high (preferably a coushion) so that the filter section do not fall out to far when you gently bang it out from the front and throu the bass speakers mouning hole. Make sure you bang on the hatch that the filter is mounted and not at the speaker cabinet. Use a long(@35cm x 1cm dia.) rod or a chisel to bang with a club gently round the cornes as it soon will come out. ( it will). When it has come out be careful when you lift up the speaker again not to brake the wires,( best if you are two people) then put the filter hatch on a stool that is at the right height for laying it just outside the speaker. Then you have to be good att soldering because it is an elaborate work to install new banana plugs.

    Good luck!

4 sujets de 1 à 4 (sur un total de 4)
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